Women's road bike rides with the Cowley Road Condors Cycling Club


Starting riding with the Condors couldn't be easier.  If you're completely new to road cycling then you may like to join one of our regular mixed Newbies rides.  If you're more experienced, or just can't wait for the next newbies ride, then come and join us on a one of the regular weeknight or weekend club rides.  

We offer anybody thinking of joining the Condors three free rides to get a feel for whether we're the right club for you, so all you need do is turn up and join in.

Newbies Rides

These are great-fun rides aimed at those new to group cycling.  Nobody gets left behind and there's always a cafe stop too.  There'll be experienced riders along to explain the basics of group riding and who you can chat to about the pleasures of joining the Condors.  The dates of the Newbies rides are in our club calendar and are also set up as events in our facebook group.

The Regular Club Rides

Being the inclusive club we are, our regular club rides are mixed are grouped by ability.  Club rides are always Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, though any member can arrange rides whenever they wish.  Ride groups usually consist of social, medium and faster paced groups so you'll be sure to find a ride that suits your ability or the pace you fancy that day.  Please check out the rides section of our website for more details.

New riders will always be taken through the finer points of group cycling by one of our group of ride leaders pre-ride, and be sure to know that you will never be dropped on social and medium rides.  

Our rides are great fun and highly addictive.  You'll see parts of Oxfordshire you've never experienced before and on the weekend's there is coffee and cake.  A weekend ride isn't a weekend ride without a cake stop.

Women's Chain Gang

The chain gang does not hang around!

New for 2015 is the Women's Chain Gang.  This runs on Thursday nights and is a fast-paced, high-intensity ride, focussed on maintaining a strong pace and good technique.  The chain gang is a favourite with current members of the race team, those considering racing and anyone looking for a really good workout.  A smooth running chain gang is one of the great pleasures of road cycling so is definitely worth trying.

As well as the women's chain gang there are also the regular (mixed) chain gangs on a Thursday night too.  These are available in both Development and Screamer flavours!

Winter Spinning Classes

Condor and spin instructor Mike surveys the 'pain cave'

For Condors who prefer not to ride once the nights get darker and the cold and ice appear (that's most of us!) we run spinning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the winter months.  Keep an eye on the website or the Facebook group for details.

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CRCC Tweets

CRCondors Ride with us this evening - details of rides at https://t.co/u5CIZpBT3D #pinkpost https://t.co/cVwpb7ki43
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