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Meet Joe Wilkins, Condors sartorial kit king par excellence Featured

If there was ever an unsung Condor hero, it's Joe Wilkins. Keeping us decked out in our Pink & Black kit is a complex business and Joe does it with aplomb. Read a bit more about our Condor kit officer here, along with some of Joe's thoughts about the club, and the cycling sartorial standards he abides by. 

Tell us a little bit about your role and what you'd most like to achieve this year?

My job on the board is to make sure that club members are suitably furnished with pink and black lycra. This involves setting up order windows with the supplier, keeping the kit design up to date and checking proofs. I also manage the stock that is available to buy from the kit page and drop off any purchased items at Beeline. My ongoing aim as kit officer to make sure that members have access to good quality, affordable kit. I take great satisfaction in seeing more Condors than ever proudly wearing the pink & black!


What would you say attracted to you to the Cowley Road Condors in the first place?

I’ve been a cyclist practically my whole life but only got into club riding relatively recently. I’d always found other clubs a bit too serious for my tastes but decided to give the Condors a shot. I wanted to expand my cycling horizons and the club came across as far more inclusive than any other in Oxford. I’ve not looked back since.


Describe your absolute favourite moment since joining the club? 

It’s difficult to say which has been my favourite moment with the club as there have been so many good times. Stepping up to the Development rides and learning to ride in a proper through and off paceline was a real buzz. It’s exciting to push yourself physically and to keep trying to get faster and faster. I‘ve also found ride leading really rewarding. It’s great to show people new routes or take people out on longer or faster rides than they previously felt capable of.


So, what's your main interest outside of cycling? It's OK to not have any. Cycling rules!

Well, i’m an illustrator by trade so I guess art could be considered my other passion. I’m also a big music fan and try to get to as many gigs as I can, although admittedly a lot less than I did in my twenties...

Here's a couple of brilliant illustrations Joe produced to advertised recent club talks. Our Condor Olympian, Katie Greves, and Mark Harvey of Take 3 Tri


What three words immediately spring to mind when you think about the Condors?

1. Friendly

2. Flames

3. Tuesdays


Lastly, which Velominati rule do you fully support and will always abide by?! 

I generally uphold any rules relating to sartorial standards. Both you and your bike should always look on point.

Rule #14//

Shorts should be black.

Team-issue shorts should be black, with the possible exception of side-panels, which may match the rest of the team kit.

Rule #28//

Socks can be any damn colour you like.

White is old school cool. Black is cool too, but were given a bad image by a Texan whose were too long.  If you feel you must go colored, make sure they damn well match your kit.

But most importantly... 

Rule #65//

Maintain and respect your machine.

Bicycles must adhere to the Principle Of Silence and as such must be meticulously maintained. It must be cherished, and when leaning it against a wall, must be leaned carefully such that only the bars, saddle, or tires come in contact with the wall or post.  This is true even when dismounting prior to collapsing after the World Championship Time Trial. No squeaks, creaks, or chain noise allowed. Only the soothing hum of your tires upon the tarmac and the rhythm of your breathing may be audible when riding.

Thank you for your time, Mr Wilkins! I'm off to work on my colour coordination...

Club kit orders are announced in our facebook group. The club does carry small amounts of stock and other merch which can be ordered through our website's kit page

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