Women's road bike racing with the Cowley Road Condors Cycling Club

Time Trialling

Are you thinking you might like to have a go at competing? A Condors' club time trial is a great way to start. They are informal events that we run once a month and the rules are simple, it’s you and your bike riding as fast as you can over a set distance without drafting behind other riders. Common distances are 10 or 25 miles and riders are usually set off individually at 1 minute intervals. After the event your time will be posted so you can see how well you did. This is also an excellent way to test your current fitness level and see how much you’ve improved, it’s not called ‘The Race of Truth’ for nothing! Need advice? Just ask, we’ll be happy to help.  

If you get the time trialling bug, as a Condor there's a whole host of other events open to you too - find out more on our time trialling page

Women's Road Racing

Entering your first road race can seem like a daunting prospect. Those of us who have raced have all been there and know what it is like, but once you get over this temporary hurdle you’ll find that road racing can be a lot of fun. Fast paced and exciting it can become quite addictive! Obviously having a good fitness level is paramount, nothing quite prepares you for ‘race pace’ of your first event and unless you are a superstar you should just aim to get round the course without dropping off the back of the pack. But don’t worry if you do, even the best riders get dropped sometimes. Stick at it though and before long you’ll be flying round.

women racing 2017

The Condor ladies racing team is open to all women in the club and is always delighted to welcome new racers into the fold. We currently have around ten regular women racers, so no matter what the event you should find you have other Condors there to team up with.  We're looking to build a strong female racing presence in the local amateur race scene.  The race team trains regularly for both fitness and race skills and is enjoying growing success!
In 2016 our women's team came second in the Oxfordshire Road Race League and the Bicester Millenium Team Time Trial at Silverstone
In 2017 our ladies A team won at Silverstone and our ladies B team came fourth!

silverstone win ladies 2017

Sprinting for the line!


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